Ujama News is an exiting, innovative and culturally strong magazine that informs, entertains and educates. Uama presents thought-provoking comprehensive information based on the unique Afro-Centrick heritage. Revealed through the arts, dance, literary works, music, natural living and sports. 

Why Ujama?
Ujama invites you to advertise on an effective platform from which you can broadcast your message with a unique approach in a previously untapped market.

Ujama's quarterly distribution spans throughout the Rocky Mountain States, California, the Northwest and Southwest regions, the Midwest, and the North Eastern seaboard. Having a circulation of 10,000 copies, Ujama is distributed in bookstores, cafes, concert venues, college campuses, natural food stores, record stores, gift shops and many other locations. 

Rates & Dimensions

1/8 Page $150.00
1/4 Page $175.00 Black & White / $250.00 Color
1/2 Page $350.00 Black & White / $550.00 Color
Full Page $750.00 Black & White / $1000.00 Color

Ujama News provides the latest in computer design services to help promote your product or services in a very effective approach. A rate of $50.00 will added to cost for Ad Design.

CAMERA-READY ADS: We encourage camera-ready ads. Email Camera Ads in .jpg or .pdf format to ujamadesigns@gmail.com


A fifty percent deposit of the ad cost is required from all advertisers to reserve ad space prior to publication. Balance is due upon publication. Full payment in advanced is required from all advertisers without approved credit. 



Publication Date Art/Copy Deadline Reservation Deadline
Feb. Issue Jan. 24th Ad Space Reserved by Jan 15th
June Issue May 28th Ad Space Reserved by May 15th
Sept Issue Aug 29th Ad Space Reserved by Aug 17th
Dec Issue Nov 27th Ad Space Reserved by Nov 16th 

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